What is Targeted traffic?

There is a lot of confusion and misleading opinions regarding the meaning of this term, so we decided to dedicate a special article to the matter.
Targeted traffic is website visits by users who have clicked on a link that determines the specific goal they pursue. Most of these users deliberately enter your website already knowing what they can get and seeking this particular thing.

To illustrate this, imagine you are a salesman at a cosmetics store and a visitor comes in and says: “I need the X Shampoo, how much is it?” In sales, we call such visitors leads. With websites, we call visitors who come to get what the website has to offer them “targeted traffic”.

NOTE: in terms of digital marketing, these are not leads. Becoming a lead is but the next step after being a targeted visitor.

How can a link determine the specific need? It must address it in clear and specific words.

Good example: Tired of dandruff in your beautiful blond hair? Click here (ladies only!)
Bad example: want to be attractive and successful?..

How to figure out targeted traffic on your website

OK, so you run a cosmetics store and you realize that online sales are increasingly important. In order to know the target audience’s reaction to each special offer, save money on promotion, and attract more loyal customers, you need to know who enters your website.
First off, let us figure out the specific segments you are MOST interested in, i.e. most profitable, most relevant to your mission, most likely to become your ambassadors.

Let’s say these are:

  • College girls who want to attract best guys at parties;
  • Pregnant ladies who need to work and thus bother about their appropriate look;
  • Senior ladies engaging in business who want to hide the signs of aging.

It’s easy to imagine different types of content, different calls to action, different bunches of products and, ultimately, different text on the button that leads to your offer. “Be the queen of the Ball”, “Business Mom’s choice”, “STOP aging” - these are just primitive examples.
Certainly, these links will lead each to its corresponding landing page (or product page) and each will be separately counted by your Google Analytics to deliver precious usage data for each target group.

Is targeted traffic worth efforts?

Everybody speaks about traffic. Some think: “The more traffic you have, the more important your website”. Well, this was the case back in the early 1990-s. Since then, the users’ behavior on your website has become much more important.
Search engines value websites whose visitors demonstrate strong engagement. Search algorithms can tell an engaged, i.e. interested, i.e. targeted visitor from a random surfer.

Why does Google care about it? Because there are billions of websites around, and if Google selects bullshit websites to be on top of its search results page, users will switch to Yahoo!:)

Why should you care? Well, first of all because you depend on Google search result page;) But not only:

  • Increasing profitability. The likeliness of targeted visitors to spend money on your website is many times higher than that of random traffic. This means all your PPC ads, influencer postings, fancy landing pages will generate more revenue per invested dollar.
  • Increasing engagement. Spending money is not the only thing users enter your website. Some even leave buying nothing, but instead they read your articles, share them on their social networks, comment on your webpages… This all adds to your website’s behavioral factors and improves its positions.
  • Getting remarketing opportunities. Targeted visitors are likely to subscribe to your newsletters for a free lead-magnet or even without one, to add your website to bookmarks, etc. Next time they come across your website in their browser’s bookmarks, they can enter again and make a purchase.
  • Spreading through the network. Besides sharing your articles on the social media, targeted users may eagerly tell their friends about your website and share your link through a messenger.

To sum it up, we’ve defined targeted traffic as visitors who enter your website to get what it has to offer, and discussed its benefits for your business.
In our further articles we will discuss how to manage targeted traffic and make the most out of it.